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After starting a family together, Shay soon started to realise she just didn’t have the time to make herself feel good how she used to, although Ben was a great father and did his fair share there was just no time to sit in front of the mirror perfecting her make up and in the morning rush getting their eldest daughter out to school with two baby’s one on each hip there was just no time to fit everything in as of course children come first, But that didn’t stop Shay from wanting to feel good and reminiscing about the days when she would walk out of my house feeling a million dollars!! She needed a solution, Time was not on her side and everything was always a rush so she started looking into permanent make up treatments, the more she looked into it the more interested she became and thought this is something I would really love to do.


She began realising how many pros there is to having permanent make up and not only could she make others feel great but she loved the fact that it can help so many people with different conditions feel great too. She decided she would love to make this her career choice and never looked back.


Shay Trained with the QUEEN of the industry Tracie Giles in Knightsbridge where she became a qualified IndelibLiner technician and soon after her love for permanent make up started to rub off on Ben. He saw how rewarding she found her job and together they decided he would also train and together they would start their new venture. Ben found that he was a natural and with his fine eye for detail he was creating amazingly beautiful make up effects.

They then went on to learn other treatments to widen their portfolio’s.

They both love what they do!!! Every client is unique and they love creating bespoke brows, lips and liner for each and every one of their clients! Giving them killer lashes and Giving their Clients back the same confidence that Shay lacked through their treatments is honestly the most fulfilling thing in the world for them and that’s why they believe their clients are so happy with the outcome of there treatments because they truly love what they do xxxxx

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