Would you love to have beautifully structured eyebrows that are an asset to your face? We have all seen them on celebrities and models and the perfect brow is not just for the celebrity elite. It has gained in popularity and is now accessible to everyone.


Are you tired of spending time drawing on your brows for them to still not be perfect? With semi permanent make up we can achieve perfectly equal brows- Precision, Definition, a perfect shape that will complement your features along with a natural colour and the best part of all is they don’t wash off, they don’t smudge and you will wake up with perfect brows every single morning!!! That means extra time in bed for every one of us, that means when you go swimming, to the steam room, playing sports or your working out your brows will be just as perfect as when you started!!!


There are many reasons we are all wanting permanent eyebrows and many pros to having them done, many people who benefit from having this treatment are people who have suffered with thyroid disturbance, alopecia, have had chemo therapy and also those who are visually impaired and are unable to apply make up themselves, others just want more definition added to there already existing brows or have over plucked over the years, whatever your reason you will not be disappointed with your perfect new brows.




Everyone is different and perfectly unique and that’s why we take our time really getting to know each and everyone of our clients and we will create bespoke perfect brows to exactly your desire, with our wealth of knowledge we will suggest what shape will best suit your face, We will custom blend a colour for you and when you are perfectly happy we will then start infusing colour with delicate hair strokes into the upper layer of the skin or if its block brow, powder brow or a combination of the above you want we can create this effect with other expertly learnt techniques.


We will numb the area so that it ensures discomfort is minimal and having your new brows perfected is a truly enjoyable experience. The treatment will take up to two to three hours including your consultation and we will send you home with aftercare advice, which has everything you need to know on how to look after your new brows and will tell you exactly what to expect during the healing process. We will also send you away with some homecare treatment.


Before you leave we will book you in for your follow up appointment which will be around 4 weeks later. This allows us to check your new enhancement and make any minor adjustments, should it be needed and to ensure your colour stays fresh.


Brow Techniques


Microladed Brow- If you want to achieve a natural but beautiful brow perfectly defined then microblading is for you. This technique is done using a hand held manual tool for perfect precision and the results are stunning.


Bespoke Nano Needle Brow- If you want to achieve that super natural, ‘wispy’ hairstroke
effect then choose Bespoke Nano-Needle technology. Using an ultrafine needle, this versatile treatment is suitable for all skin types and successfully creates the most natural brow effects.


Powder/ Ombrè Brow – For the ultimate statement look, opt for the shading technique to achieve a bolder block of colour for the ‘24/7 made up’ brow effect. Perhaps the least natural of the brow looks but undeniably striking and beautiful.


Comination Brow- Often clients suit a combination of the above mentioned techniques. When you come for your treatment we can discuss with you what you want to achieve and use our expertise to determine which will be the best technique for you.

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