Liquid Look Liner and Lash Enhancer


Are you tired of your eyeliner smudging or spending your time every morning trying to perfect the perfect line?


If your answer is YES then semi permanent liner is for you, we can create the subtle effect of thicker fuller lashes with lash enhancement (a fine line of pigment through the lash line) alternatively we can create a thicker more conventional liner.


The best part about Lash enhancement and semi permanent Eyeliner is that its smudge proof, swim proof, shower proof, gym proof and it will even survive the saddest movies in style.


Although Black is the most popular colour if you feel it may be to harsh we have a fabulous range of lighter colours and shades to choose from, Like all of or procedures, everything is discussed and pencilled in prior to starting to ensure that you have total control with the style and shape of your liner.


As with all treatments we will use anesthetic before and during the treatment so the treatment is enjoyable for you and you will be sent home with aftercare for the best results. Wewill invite you back around 4 weeks later for your top up where We can check your Liner and give you a top up to ensure your colour stays looking fresh.


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