This section answers some frequently-asked questions about permanent makeup – also sometimes referred to as semi-permanent makeup.




Are you Pregnant or Breastfeeding?


Do you have Dark skin and want a Gloss and Go™ lip treatment?


Do you have Pre- existing permanent make up that was done elsewhere?


Do you suffer from cold sores?



If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, you will need to speak to a me prior to booking your appointment as you could be contraindicated. Before booking you should also be aware that I will not carry out work that I feel is inappropriate or work with clients whose expectations I feel I cannot manage. Some skins will not retain the crispness of a hairstroke and some skins may require more retouches than others.


Why Have Permanent Make Up?

Everyone wants to look their best naturally. Think how convenient it would be to enjoy perfectly shaped eyebrows, wide-awake gorgeous eyes and beautifully contoured lips, without the effort of time consuming make up rituals. All subtle, soft and perfectly in place 24/7 with no smudging and no mess.


Am I Suitable For Permanent Make Up

Most people are suitable for permanent makeup treatments.  At your consultation i will discuss the
 procedure in detail with you.  This is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish and, together, a treatment
 plan will be organised.  I will analyse your skin and tone, and you will be able to discuss in confidence any concerns 
you may have about areas of your appearance you would like to enhance or Improve.

Remember that
 semi-permanent makeup is a very successful treatment for improving contour, asymmetry and volume.


How Long Will My Permanent Make Up Last?

Permanent make up can last for several years but this is dependant on several factors such as skin type, sun exposure and lifestyle. Whilst it is “Low maintenance” its not “No maintenance”. Like hair colour it will need refreshing but far less often. I recommend a colour refresher treatment every twelve to eighteen months to maintain perfect results.


Is Permanent Make Up Safe?

Yes. I use only single sterile applicator cartridges, and the pigments i use are formulated from natural minerals that  are strictly selected for their non-toxic and hypo-allergenic properties.  The pigments I use are trusted by the best technicians and cosmetic surgeons throughout the world.

Ophthalmologists actually recommend permanent makeup eye procedures for women sensitive to conventional cosmetics.


Does Permanent Make Up Hurt?

The procedures are performed with your comfort in mind. For this reason, anesthetic cream/gel is applied to the treatment area prior to and during the procedure to keep discomfort minimal.


How Long Will My Treatment Take?

Treatment times vary depending on how advanced or detailed the required result is. Although some treatments may take as little as 1.5 hours, you should set aside around 2-3 hours for your appointment.

Your top up appointment will take place around 4 -6 weeks after the initial treatment and should not take as long as your first procedure.


Will It Look Natural?

Yes, the end result will look extremely natural. But If you want a more “made-up” or “heavy” look this can also be achieved.


Can i have Permanent make up if in under 18?

No. You must be over 18 to have a permanent make up procedure.


Does Dermaplaning hurt?

No Dermaplaning does not hurt and the blade is only run across the top layer of the skin to remove dead skin cells, dirt and peach fuzz! When done by a qualified technician dermaplaning will not hurt as we are trained how to use the blade correctly.





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